The Blockchain Wallet Manifesto (english version)

Providing a quality user experience is essential to promote the adoption of Blockchain and crypto-currencies.

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it.
Version 1.1

4 values

  • Accessible to as many people as possible, for equal opportunities
  • Empowering users, without trusted third parties
  • Transparency and auditability because control excludes trust
  • Interoperability, to stay free and unattached

12 principles

  1. I am interoperable and use a standard
  2. I am connected to the blockchain via a network of decentralized nodes
  3. I am above all non-custodial
  4. I can be used directly without configuration and can save the secret in a second time
  5. I can be used on any medium: mobile and desktop
  6. I am used in association or in addition to a hardware wallet
  7. I need to prevent recipient errors
  8. I need to simplify and make full transparency on transaction fees
  9. I am compatible with dApps via web3
  10. I am compatible with the main blockchains
  11. I can be improved and updated regularly
  12. I am regularly audited by external actors

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